Our Mission

We believe that people thrive mentally and physically in beautiful, peaceful, health-focused natural environments, and we aim to create communities that have these features. We also strive to promote diversity, inter-generational socialization, independence, health and longevity. We will strive to create a place where people can live the rest of their lives with purpose, art, music, grace, and dignity.

The Tapestry Concept

The community will be situated in the beautiful hill country in San Marcos, TX. Aging with joy, purpose, and health require a diverse set of services to allow this to happen, and we want to create a model that brings these goals together. Having a continuum of care, a gourmet restaurant, spa services and gym space, local school integration, art space, outdoor space, and office space targeted for the residents of the community will allow successful aging in place to become a reality.

Our focus is to provide aging or disabled residents with an easier and less stressful life. With a beautiful home environment, modern technology, private home health care or hospice care when needed, and all the amenities of a luxurious lifestyle to release them from daily hassle. We will focus on an innovative model of intergeneration integration and health care delivery to improve quality of life outcomes. For residents requiring specialty Memory or Alzheimer’s care, we envision state of the art homes that provide security, proper nutrition, nursing care, and a level of both physical and mental activities to allow them to thrive in a natural environment, aging in place, with as little medication as possible.


The Area

  • 16 acres of Beautiful Hill Country in San Marcos, TX
  • Sweeping Views
  • 100-year-old Oak Trees
  • One of the Fastest-growing counties in the US in 2017 for retirees, close to The University.

The Concept

  • 75 Independent Living Apartment
  • 21 Townhomes
  • 82 Assisted Living Apartments
  • 43 Memory Rooms
  • 42 Skilled Nursing Rooms

Why San Marcos?

  • Hill Country
  • Senior Population Growth
  • Access to Big City, but Still Small Town Feel
  • Natural Landscapes and Gardens
  • Close to the University
  • Cultural Diversity From Austin & San Antonio.


  • Gourmet Restaurant serving 2meals/day
  • Bistro serving 3 meals/day
  • Pool
  • Spa with massage, hair salon, nail salon, and exercise room
  • Theater
  • Art room/pottery room
  • Music courtyard
  • Outpatient Physical Therapy on-site
  • RN 24/7 and physician coverage 5 days/week.
  • Raised garden beds and natural walking trails
  • Animal Friendly
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